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As a new type of all solid state gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) has the advantages of fast starting, wide measuring range and high reliability. IXZ-F50 single axis medium and low precision FOG can be applied to the application requirements of medium and high precision inertial navigation systems such as land positioning and orientation, vehicle mounted north finder, airborne heading and attitude, and marine gyrocompass.
Technical specifications

Product features

    1.High accuracy, bias stability

    2.Long life and high reliability

    3.Innovative fiber optic ring design resists temperature changes and magnetic fields

    4.Single power supply (+5V) simplifies system design

Scope of application

  1. Inertial grade navigation device

  2. Precise positioning and orientation system

  3. Unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned vehicle, unmanned ship

  4. Electro-Optical Pod, Antenna, Optically Stabilized Platform


Product indicators

Type a

Type B

Type C

Zero-bias stability °/HR (1σ, 10s)




Stabilization time s




Zero-bias repeatability °/HR (1σ)




Repeatability of zero bias at full temperature °/HR




Random walk coefficient °/hr




Scale factor nonlinearity ppm (1σ)




Scale factor repeatability ppm (1σ)




Dynamic range


Magnetic field sensitivity


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Vibration conditions


outline dimensional drawing