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       I-XunZhun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company with navigation technology, optical devices and precision machinery as its main business. It mainly provides various inertial / combined navigation systems, fiber gyroscopes, fiber optic coils, optical components, fiber winding machines, R & D, production and service of mechanical arms and precision turntables. I-XunZhun is committed to precision navigation, intelligent manufacturing and sensor measurement in the fields of aviation, aerospace, ocean, ship, automobile, surveying and mapping, electric power, transportation, and provides solutions.

      We has more than hundreds sets of first-class fiber winding machines, optical parts coating ultra-polishing equipment and comprehensive testing equipment, more than 6000 square meters workshops, more than 70 professional technicians and production staff, and has mastered the complete navigation system and fiber gyroscope production process. I-XunZhun has an annual production capacity of more than 10000 sets of inertial / integrated navigation systems, more than 600 laser gyroscope axes, more than 2000 optical fiber gyroscope axes, and more than 10,000 optical components. The optic fiber gyro type covers the F60, F70, F80,F98, F120 and other international mainstream products, and the accuracy covers 10o / h to 0.001o / h.