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Commonly used electronic components

1. Resistor

Resistor causes a change in the electric flux. It can limit the current through its connected branch and adjust the current through the resistance of the resistor, so as to ensure that various components in the electronic equipment work stably at the rated current.


2. Capacitor

Capacitor refers to the amount of charge stored under a given potential difference. It is widely used in circuit separation through crossover, coupling, bypassing, filtering, tuning loops, energy conversion and so on.


3. Crystal Diode

It is a semiconductor two-terminal device in solid-state electronics. These devices have nonlinear current-voltage characteristics. With the development of semiconductor materials and process technology, a variety of crystal diodes with various structures and functional uses have been developed by using different semiconductor materials, doping distributions and geometric structures. It can be used to generate, control, receive, transform, amplify signals and perform energy conversion.


4. Zener Diode

It is a semiconductor device with high resistance up to a critical reverse breakdown voltage. Because of this characteristic, zener diode are mainly used as voltage regulators or voltage reference components.


5. Inductor

It is an inductive component made of inductive properties. If the inductor is in the state of no current passing, it will try to prevent the current from flowing through it when the circuit is turned on; if the inductor is in a state where current is flowing, it will try to maintain the current when the circuit is opened.


6. Varactor Diode

Varactor diodes are made according to the characteristic that the junction capacitance of the "PN junction" inside ordinary diodes changes with the applied voltage, and are used as variable capacitors in high-frequency tuning, communication and other circuits.


7. Bipolar Junction Transistor

It is one of the basic components of semiconductors, has the function of current amplification, and is the core component of electronic circuits. Its function is to amplify weak signals into electrical signals with larger amplitude values; it is also used as a non-contact switch to control various electronic circuits.


8. Field Effect Transistor

A field effect transistor is a semiconductor device that controls the output loop current by controlling the electric field effect of the input loop. It has high input resistance (108~109Ω), low noise, low power consumption, large dynamic range, easy integration, no secondary breakdown, wide safe working area, etc.


9. Sensor

A sensor is a detection device that can sense the measured information and convert the sensed information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules to meet the needs of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control requirements.


10. Transformer

A transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. It plays the role of raising and lowering the voltage in electrical equipment, and also has functions such as matching impedance and safety isolation.