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Advantages And Disadvantages of Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Fiber optic gyroscope is an instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of moving objects. It is an inertial navigation instrument widely used in modern aviation, navigation and aerospace industries. It is a sensitive element based on an optical fiber coil, and the light emitted by a laser diode propagates along the optical fiber in two directions. The difference in the light propagation path determines the angular displacement of the sensitive element.



(1) Compared with the traditional mechanical gyroscope, the fiber optic gyroscope has a simpler structure and does not require too many mechanical components, so its structure is firm and the measurement is stable. It has no rotating parts and friction parts. In use, the mechanical damage is much lower than that of the mechanical sensor, so the service life is longer, and the ability to resist external force and visual impact is relatively strong.

(2) All solid structure. It has no moving parts and no sealed chamber, simple operation and high reliability.

(3) Good measurement accuracy. It has 3-5 orders of magnitude higher measurement accuracy and sensitivity than ordinary sensors, which helps to determine orientation based on angular velocity measurements alone.

(4) Using integrated optical path technology, the signal is stable, and can be directly output digitally, and connected with the computer interface.

(5) By changing the length of the optical fiber or the number of times the light circulates in the coil, different precision can be achieved and a wider dynamic range can be achieved.

(6) The coherent beam has a short travel time and can be activated instantaneously.


(1)Some designs of FOG are sensitive to vibration. This effect can be mitigated when multi-axis FOG is used in conjunction with accelerometers and blended with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data.

(2)As with all other gyroscope technologies, depending on the detailed FOG design, the FOG may require initial calibration (determining which indication corresponds to zero angular velocity).

(3)Gyroscope linearity and scale factor stability are easily degraded by fluctuations in incident light intensity on the photodetector.