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What Are The Winding Methods Of The Winding Machine?


     The main raw material of the winding machine processing operation is the enameled wire. During the entire processing process, the wire needs to be transported from the original wire barrel to the winding shaft through different wire passing devices. According to different wire characteristics, the equipment is equipped with different functions and different tensions. 

     Our common types of wire passing are mainly parallel, vertical, and compound wire passing organizations. They are mainly different in structure. According to the difference of models, electronic servo, electromagnetic control, and mechanical are commonly used equipment.


     These commonly used equipment are used in our common active winding machine; the parallel wire passing method is suitable for the processing of flat copper wires, and the vertical wire passing method is suitable for the processing of common round wires. For some special raw materials Of the wire uses a composite thread-passing organization to maintain a constant tension and smooth thread passing.